A continent for a Nation

A continent for a Nation

Have a look at the political map of Australia and watch the video. You are then required to answer the questions below. There is also early finishing work to complete if you have time.

All answers should be full sentence answers, and for the reason you do not need to write out each question. Your answer should make sense without reading the question (eg Question: What is the first month of the year? Answer: The first month of the year is January.).

It is a good idea to read the questions before watching the video.

Political Map of Australia
Map of Australia

A continent for Nation Questions

1) What were the differences between a political map of Australia in the early 1880’s and now?

2) How many people lived in Australia in the early 1880’s?

3) In which ways did the colonies act as different countries?

4) Freeze Frame– Freeze the video at 1 minute and 58 seconds. Describe (3-4 sentences) how this scene is different to what we would see in Australia in 2014.

6) Why do you think the colonies were described as ‘jealous, bickering colonies’?

5) My Investigation Questions– Write three questions that you have about federation or early European life in Australia after watching this video.

Early Finishers

Write your investigation questions as a comment below this post.

13 thoughts on “A continent for a Nation

  1. Why did Europeans take over Australia? was it because of land, food or wood?

    When did Europeans discover Australia?

    About how many people went to Australia in the first fleet?

  2. Why did the Europeans want to come to Australia in the first place? Was it to get rid of the convicts and stop them from trying to escape from prison and killing someone or stealing more things?

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