Activity 8

Activity 8

Congratulations on reading your next Lexile book.

Your task: What is the setting for your book? How do you know this. Try to include a quote from the text if possible. Your book may have more than one main setting.

If you choose a quote from the book, put the quote in quotation marks (eg “The house was old and needed a new coat of paint”). If possible, include the page number of the quote.

You should also include your name, the name of the book, author and its lexile score.



Here is an example of the main settings from ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, as well as a description.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
By JK Rowling
Lexile- 880

By Mr Simojoki

Setting One: Dursley’s House: This is the house that Harry was placed in after the death of his mum and dad. It is a normal, neat house, but not a nice house for Harry to live in. He had to live in “a cupboard under the stairs”.

Setting Two: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: This is the school in which Harry learns how to become a wizard. The school is on top of a mountain on the side of a lake.

“There were a hundred and forty-two staircases at Hogwarts: wide, sweeping ones, narrow, rickety ones; some that led somewhere different on a Friday; some with a vanishing step halfway up that you had to remember to jump.”

The halls are full of classrooms, secret corridors, and trapdoors, and some parts of the castle are even forbidden.

10 thoughts on “Activity 8

  1. Title: Astrosaurs ,The Star Pirates

    Author: Steve Cole

    Lexile: 860

    Setting 1: Deep space, this is where most of the story is set because it is about dinosaurs in space.

    Setting 2: The DSS Sauropod (spaceship), this is where the good dinosaurs invade the bad dinosaurs and stop their evil plans.

  2. Click
    lexile 730
    by: ten different, best selling, award winning authors

    setting one: (chapter 1, Maggie) Maggie’s house

    setting two: (chapter 2, Annie) Annie’s house

    setting three: (chapter 3, Jason) Jason’s house

    (the setting’s keep going up to chapter 10).
    (My book had ten different chapter about ten different children, its hard to pick just two setting’s).

  3. Title: Geronimo Stilton
    Score: 450

    Setting one: New Mouse City

    Setting two: 8 Mouselane (Geronimo Stilton Houses

  4. Title: Geronimo Stilton
    Lexile: 450
    By: scholastic

    Setting one: It is set in Geronimo Stilton’s office.

    Setting two: In new mouse city.

  5. Da Vinci and his super brain
    Lexile 1000+
    By Michael Cox

    Leonardo Da Vinci when he was born he lived in Florence but when Royal people found out about hus talents he moved around all over Italy to do jobs for Evil and Good.

  6. Meet the Zombiesons Freak Street
    By Knife and Packer
    Lexile- 800

    By Gunter

    Setting One: Zombiesons’ house: The house is really dirty and untidy. The sometimes do a bit of gardening. To give an example: “Although the Zombiesons liked to keep their house looking as creepy as possible, even had to do some gardening every now and then” (p. 6).

    Setting Two: Danger World Theme Park: The theme park has scary and dangerous rides. For example, “Right. Now some of these rides are rather scary” (p. 46). It is also where Granny Zombiesons’ brain got stolen by Madam Mozzarella aka Thelonius Thincrust.

    At Danger World Theme Park the Zombiesons’ are investigating what happened to Granny Zombieson’s brain.

  7. Charlie and the chocolate factory
    Lexile 968
    Roald Dahl

    Setting one: Charlie buckets house. It has a hole in the rouf and they only eat cabbage soup

    Setting two:the chocolate has umpa lumpas that take care of the chocolate factory and the chocolate in the factory.

    Setting three:the elevator. A clear glass elevator that can go any where in the world.

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