Australian History Timeline

Australian History Timeline

Watch this video (4.16 minutes) and answer the questions below. There is also a research question to complete if you have time.

All answers should be full sentence answers, and for the reason you do not need to write out each question. Your answer should make sense without reading the question (eg Question: What is the first month of the year? Answer: The first month of the year is January.).

It is a good idea to read the questions before watching the video.

Australian History Timeline Questions

1. How long are Indigenous Australians believed to have lived in Australia?

2. Why did Captain Cook see Australia as unclaimed land?

3. Why did Australia’s population double between 1851 and 1861?

4. What significant event took place in 1901?

5. Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?

6. What were the dates of World War 1?

7. What were the dates of World War 2?

8. Name two ways Indigenous Australians lived differently to European Settlers.


Research: In 2008, Kevin Rudd apologised to the Stolen Generation. What was the Stolen Generation, and how did it affect many Indigenous Australians?

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