Book 2- Activity 2

Book 2- Activity 2

Congratulations on reading your second Lexile book!

This year we are going to be focussing on Bloom’s Taxonomy, which is a structured questioning method that encourages higher order thinking. The first of these stages is ‘remembering’.

Your task: What is a problem that one of the main characters of the story needed to solve, and how was it solved?

Your task should be set out the same as the example below.

You should also include your name, the name of the book, author and its lexile score.



Here is an example of a problem from ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, and how it was solved.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
By JK Rowling
Lexile- 880

By Mr Simojoki

Problem: Harry Potter’s parents are killed by an evil wizard Voldemort. He went to live with his aunt and uncle who do not treat him well. Harry thinks he is an ordinary boy, but he is in fact a wizard.

Solution: Hagrid shows up and tells Harry that he is a wizard. He then takes Harry to a special school for witchcraft and wizardry called Hogwarts. He makes lots of new friends and loves his new school. He then goes on many exciting adventures.

4 thoughts on “Book 2- Activity 2

  1. The Hunger Games
    By Suzanne Collins
    Lexile – 810

    Problem: Catniss is sent into The Hunger Games which almost means certain death.

    Solution: Catniss wins The Hunger Games with Peeta and are safe for now.

  2. Anne of Green Gables
    By L. M. Montgomery
    Lexile- 990

    By Erika

    Problem: Anne gets called carrot head at school by Gilbert Blythe and Anne hits him with the table because she found it really offensive. Anne decides not to go to school ever again.

    Solution: Anne decides she doesn’t want to be the only one behind in school so she goes back to school where theres an everlasting rivalry between her and Gilbert.

  3. Tiger Trouble
    by Justin D’ath

    Problem: Sam got his bag stolen with all his goods in it and he runs away to get them and doesn’t see his family for a while.

    Solution: Sam and Kasime are in a tree and a huge adult tiger is trying to get Rani, Raju and Sam throws a cricket ball at the tigers nose. The maharaja helps get Sam back to his family and Kasime the orphan gets a new job.

  4. Don’t Look Now 3
    By Paul Jennings
    Lexile – 320

    By Ella M

    Problem: Ricky wants to be Samantha’s girlfriend but Samantha’s boyfriend is Jack.

    Solution: Samantha falls off the cliff and Ricky flies down to rescue her. Ricky uses all of his might to bring Samantha back up to the mainland. Ricky is the hero and they become boyfriend and girlfriend.

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