Geography Report Research

Geography Report Research


This term we are writing reports in class. Our next report will be on a country in Asia, our nearest neighbours. In order to complete this, you will be required to do some research at home (in your history book). The more information you collect, the more detailed your report will be.

Please remember that you are only to take notes, NOT copy large sections of information.

Below is the information that should be collected. You are also able to collect extra information if required (extension). You should already know your country.

Overall Learning Intention: You will be required to research and plan a report on a given Asian country (homework) and complete a draft and good copy of the report in class.

Homework Learning Intention: You will be required to collect information regarding your Country, and bring these notes to class by Monday, March 23.

Success Criteria: See below. You should have notes on each of the areas below. You have the choice whether do complete the extension or not.


World region (Asia)
Nationality of people
Independence Date
Capital City


Major religions
National Anthem


Land size
Bordering countries
Major landforms
Largest city / cities


Imports / Exports


Type of Government
Leaders (including Kings or Queens


Famous events
National sports
Famous landmarks
Links to Australia

Click on the following websites for some help getting started…

Please comment below if your find some more sites that may be helpful!

This information will be due on MONDAY, March 23rd.

Please do not leave it until the last minute to complete it.

Asian Countries

Asian Countries

This term, we will be writing reports on different countries in Asia. Asia is a very important region of the world for Australia, as we do a lot of our trading and holidaying in these countries.

Today we watched a YouTube clip which listed all the countries in Asia.

See if you can record all the countries (or at least some) as a comment below.

You were also given the name of a country today. You are required to find one interesting fact about the country and post it as a comment by MONDAY.




Hi all,

Everyone has begun to read their Lexile books, which is great to see!

Please remember that you should be reading for at least 20 minutes each night.

Once you have completed a book you need to-
– Do the online quiz AND leave a comment
– Complete the activity on the blog (Lexile Reading Activities)
– Record the book on the chart in the classroom
– Return your book and get a new one


Mental Maths Homework

Mental Maths homework

Below are links to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.

You are required to rule up your HOMEWORK books into 3cm columns and write the answers in these (25 lines down). You can print out the sheets if you would like, but you do not need to.

Click on the following link to open the worksheets.

ADDITION (one column due each MONDAY)
SUBTRACTION (one column due each TUESDAY)
MULTIPLICATION (one column due each WEDNESDAY)
DIVISION (one column due each THURSDAY)

Column 1 due Week 3
Column 2 due Week 4
Column 3 due Week 5
Column 4 due Week 6
Column 5 due Week 7

Please time how long it takes you to do a column and record it at the bottom. If it takes you longer than THREE minutes, you are able to stop.

 If you cannot open these files (You will need Adobe Reader) you must see Mr Sim BEFORE it is due.