Former Students

Former Students

This is a page in which former students of Harmony Primary School can come and leave a post. I look forward to hearing all the great things that everyone is now up to. If you are up to anything exciting, have any interesting news, or just want to say hello, then this is your page!

9 thoughts on “Former Students

  1. Hi Mr Sim, I have had a GREAT year with you it just feels like yesterday it was my first day in your class it has be a really good and fast year I hope you enjoy your class next year but they want be as good as use ! 😂 Anyway I will visit next year bye😊

  2. hey Mr Sim i enjoying high school so much- I’m really loving performing arts, i hope your class is amazing but tell them they will never be as good as your old class!!!! bye

  3. Hi Mr.Sim

    Friday was great the first week of school was great i like my teacher and i love PE there this week we did multi sport i was hard but also fun. I’m going to enjoy school at Atwell and wood work isn’t that hard but i think i get to do cooking and sewing in term 2 its exciting. I Love all the subjects but Math but im getting better at it thats always good hopefully will catch up.

  4. Hi Mr Sim,
    I pretty much see you everyday so I think you know what’s going on in my class at Atwell College. At first I was sooooo nervous and shy about going to the high school but once I was there for like a week or so I really got out of my shell and was totally not nervous. I have made heaps of awesome friends from every year level that I am really comfortable around. Atwell college is like a big family like everyone knows each other and cares about each other and respects peoples thoughts and opinions. We have many subject to attend and sport is definitely my favourite. There is a netball and rugby specialist class for people to try out for and i have heard they are pretty fun but there is also things for the non sporty type people like media and tones of other stuff that anyone will enjoy. Anyways there is so much to say about high school and for those yr. 6’s who are nervous and shy, don’t be because your gonna have an amazing time… well at Atwell college i’m not sure how the other schools are haha.
    Sophie Garac;)

  5. Hi Mr Sim,
    I am really excited about high school now and got all my new uniform on Wednesday. To the new year sixes, be nice to Mr Sim because he is a great teacher. You are all going to have a fantastic time this year and I wish I could do it all again.
    See you sometime !!
    Ashlee Rennick

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